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This week has been so amazing sharing the message of what Live Love Inspire means! Today, we end the week with a huge celebration of the launch of the collection. This collection means so much because it is my heart poured into these products to encourage you to go for ALL THE THINGS. When I started The Stationery Muse three years ago my biggest hope was to inspire someone in some way. I can honestly say that my hope has become my reality and for that I am so grateful! 

On Monday, I shared what it truly means to LIVE FULLY and how you can do that by saying YES to your dreams. So many of us let FEAR stop us from getting to where we want to be in life. No matter how big or small the FEAR Model will help you with getting over what's holding you back.

Check out the video here to learn all about it and get your free printable!

On Wednesday, I talked all about how to LOVE HARD and how we can't be the best version of who we are until our self-love is in order. We talked all about how we let who we are to others and what we do define who we are as a person. I talk about how journaling and self-discovery are so important in order to get your self-love journey on track.  

Watch the replay of that video here.

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The collection if finally launched and I am so excited! Shop all of the new items right here!

I hope that the messages from this week and the items created will speak to you in some way. Thank you so much for all of the support and I look forward to more exciting things to come! 

Best Wishes,


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