Choose JOY, HEALING, and LOVE | Black is Beautiful Freebies

These days have had their challenges and triumphs. It's a time of true reflection and a time to open our hearts to love more. This year has been one that seems full of so much negativity but there have also been so many blessings, moments of joy, and reasons to smile. 

My hope for you is that during this time you are able to find joy in your days. I hope that you are able to find your smile and take in the precious moments of life right in front of you. So often we can get swept in our thoughts based on the media and it's unfair to our hearts and minds.

My continued prayer is that we will come out of this season stronger, wiser, and more understood than ever. I hope that our world can learn to love one another no matter what space we are in, where we come from, or what we look like.

I wanted to share the freebies that I just released today in celebration of Juneteenth and black women! They are all about joy, healing, love, and coming together!

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